This is the client work that I accomplished when I was traveling South Korea. A friend of mine asked me to do some professional design work for the cafe he was working for. I was asked to do overall branding of the cafe including logo work and the menu design.
Freelance Graphic Design (Individual)
2 Weeks
First of all...
When I first visited the place, the exterior of the cafe was mesmerizing. I expected like "teeny tiny" person owned cafe; however, it got me great. The place was noticeably huge just by looking at the exterior of the building, and I really got curious... "What is that place filled up with?"
As soon as I walked in, the place was beautifully filled up with all this flowers, interior props, and nice scent of coffee and tea. 
First talking to my client!
I sat down, and my client brought me some cookies and cup of tea (HANDMADE!!!). We discussed everything like design concept she wants, duration, usage, and the pay rate. Everything went smooth, and basically what she said was to explore and experience the overall place, and experiment with the design. Only guide line she gave me is to be simple and neat with some floral accent to the design, since the cafe is garden-y.
Second talk with moodboard
After I got some idea from the first talk, for the second talk, I briefly made moodboard for her to see and choose general direction where she wants the design to go.
Objects and Colors
Final Deliverable
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